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 Lawrence Leather | Belts, Holsters, Harnesses, Saddles & More

With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, Lawrence leather has been providing cowboys with high quality products for over 150 years.

If you are fortunate enough to own one of their products, you know the high quality craftsmanship used to hand make their leather items.

It all started back in 1857, when Samuel Sherlock opened a store selling leather items. Using only the finest leather, Sherlock made and sold gun belts, gun holsters, saddles and harnesses. After Sherlock died in 1876, his brother-in-law, George Lawrence, took over the company. By 1893, Lawrence had bought and incorporated the business as The George Lawrence Company.

The George Lawrence Company became known as "Lawrence Leather". They eventually added hunting and fishing items to their product list. Gould & Goodrich Leather, Inc. bought them out in 1989 and continued to make high quality Lawrence leather products for many years after.

Although the Lawrence Company made many fine crafted items, they are known for making world class gun belts and holsters. These were worn by almost all the greatest cowboys and most have stood the test of time and can be purchased second hand through online outlets such as Ebay.com. Here are the top 8 most popular models of holsters and belts.

1. "Keith" Holster  No. 120 - The Keith Holster was designed by world renowned handgun specialist, Elmer Keith. It is a low cut design that hangs slightly forward. This belt is designed for barrels that are 4" or longer.

2. "Sidewinder"  No. 121 - The Sidewinder is a durable holster made for guns with barrels longer than 4". Guns points backwards and away from the body with a reinforced belt loop.

3. "Plainsman" Holster  No. 122 - The "Plainsman" has a traditional western look. The rear site is exposed and you can see the cutaway trigger. Revolvers 4" and longer and most medium sized automatics will fit in this holster.

4. "Peacemaker" No. 130 - This classic, vaquero style holster has been made fine tuned for over 150 years. It has a forward pitch, which makes it an ideal holster for someone who wants a fast, easy draw. It fits against the thigh with a comfortable design.

5. "Buscadero" Holster & Belt No. 211 - Lawrence Leather's premier belt, made in a classic western style. Made for carrying two revolvers, one on each side. Comes with leg guards made from high quality leather.

6. "Gunslinger" Holster & Belt  No. 77 - The Gunslinger is a perfect belt & holster for a fast gun. The gun butt is pitched forward for a lightening fast grip. The belt is 2 1/2" wide and has two cuts in order to fit two revolvers.

7. "Gunfighter" Holster & Belt  No. 78 - For true gun fighters who only want the lowest hang of their gun. This design is for fast drawing your revolver. It has a reinforced cylinder for to help with rotation.

8. "Gunslinger 2" Holster & Belt  No. 79 - Just like the gunfighter holster and belt, the Gunslinger belt has a low hang design, with reinforced holster. It is designed to allow two guns, and has a contour cut that hangs below the hips.

Sadly, the Lawrence Leather Company hasn't produced leather holsters for several years, but many of the models listed above can be found online. Stay tuned for more updates, and I will have a list sites that I recommend purchasing them from.

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